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Serv WoI (World of Inu) v8.6

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Serv WoI (World of Inu) v8.6

Mensaje por iesuesukobaru el Vie Ago 31, 2012 2:08 pm


During the Sengoku period, a town called Castle of the
light had kept the pearl of the Four Souls (Shikon no Tama) with the
objective of removing power from the hands of the dark, however, his
plan is foiled by a clan called the last order, who used his last
strength, stolen from the temple of light the size shiko not, and taking
it to the realm of an ancient group of soldiers, after falling asleep
for 500 years.
After so many years lost the ancient power of the
pearl remains in the realm of ex-soldiers, not knowing his whereabouts,
while the Royal Order of the Knights of the light waits for a track
after shiko not size.
At present the genins have accepted the task of
finding the size and shiko not using paladins and knight of the realm
of sengoku find the precious lost object through the wars of antiquity
and maintain peace that exists in the peoples of the kingdoms of sengoku
and care for their valued residents of the Order of the Knights of the
last order out of chaos and destruction of kingdoms. We invite you to
interact in the period where the creatures and the stories come to the
people of the kingdom and maintain peace.

Create Account:
Enter the server Account Manager. create a player between the classes: knights, paladins, genins and Doremis.

Client WoI:

Tutores Oficiales:
Minato Namikaze.

For more informarcion visit us on our server facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/WoI/417817808256937
Att. Bahamut God


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